Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting ready!

Alright, it's almost adventure time!  Jevin, Robyn, and I (David) are about to set off on a 108-day adventure throughout Southeast Asia.  We're flying into Bangkok and hope to visit Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos as well.  So far, we only have a vague idea of what the trip really holds for us.  We are planning on attending a 10-day vipasanna mediation course (, and a 2-week permaculture course ( but even those plans are up in the air.  

We are all excited about different things.  Jevin talks about spending time developing his yoga and meditation practice.  Robyn is excited about observing how people in different cultures behave and interact.  And I am excited about the beautiful plant and animal life, as well as the interesting landscapes: beaches, mountains, caves, jungles, and cityscapes.  I'm also very interested to see how our relationships with each other evolve.  We've lived together for the better part of a year now so I think we'll be alright.  

Back to trip planning!