Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Boy Hanoi

Oh boy Hanoi you are so coy before the break of dawn, but at first light your streets bring fright to anyone greater than one meter tall!

Just arrived back at the guest house after a full day of museums, war education and an evening water puppet show. All were great fun, but the anxiety of walking the streets here is something to experience first hand. What we would consider a close call back home between pedestrian and motor vehicle occurs an average of every ninety seconds in Hanoi. On edge every minute with no safe place to walk, because logically it makes sense to park every scooter on the sidewalk, one is constantly dodging traffic in every direction. Beware Saskatoon we are picking up some worldly driving habits!

Its been a good city to visit and tomorrow we will be on our way to Cat Ba in Ha Long Bay, which is designated a World Heritage Site.

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