Friday, January 28, 2011

Im Alive!!

Here I am everybody!!  Yes, I am too a part of the trip.  Maybe the best part?  Maybe... 
So, I realize that David and Jevin put alot of thought into creating well written reflections of our journey.  Do not, I repeat, do NOT expect this from me.  From me you will get alot of  .......  and blablabla and hahahaha.  And it probably wont make sense most of the time.

ok, so it has been almost 3 weeks.  It is time for me to share what I have learnt about Thailand.

Rule #1 - Bring toilet paper with you where ever you go.  Even if your only leaving for a minute.  You never know when your going to have to pee, and they havent invented toilet paper here yet, just buckets of water you have to splash at yourself. It gets messy.  Just bring t.p.

Rule #2 - If you are fair skinned like myself, do not trust anyone that is trying to sell you anything.  Thai people are smart and have figured out the correlation between fair skin and a willingness to overpay for everything.  Chances are, the price they are asking is 4 times what it is worth

Rule #3 - Smile at everyone and always try to say hello in Thai, even if it sounds really bad.  Even the grumpiest thai man will give you a smile and a giggle when they see you trying.  and everyone is willing to give lessons to help you speak Thai.

Rule #4 - If you find your self drinking with an old Thai woman on an overnight train.  Do not assume that the price of beer on the train is the same as anywhere, and proceed to offer to buy her drinks.  This woman has also figured out the correlation between fair skin and a willingness to over pay.

Those are the most important things for Thailand, today is our first day in Loas, so there will be more to follow.

Love you all!!! Miss you all!!!



  1. It's about time! haha.. miss you dear!

  2. Congratulations on your first blog entry!... Looking forward to reading more of your "blablablahhh"... Miss you! :)

  3. Love your commentary! The best! Don't tell the boys I said so but yours is my favourite so far :)

  4. Good to hear from you. Love you. Mom Parker