Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scooting Around Koh Chang!

Another wonderful day! Woke to the call of a roasters and the glow of a rising sun not quite reaching past the peak of the island. The compelling draw of yoga to stimulate the body into wakefulness is much easier satisfied in the warm humid morning of Koh Chang in contrast to the frigid dark dawn of Saskatoon. Greeted by Uri, a Ukrainian yogi, who offered me a cd of his practice I participated in very limited conversation before heading up island on a rented scooter. Breakfast at a restaurant on Lonely Beach consisted of fried eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, toast, tea and juice. Too much meat but it satisfied my hunger. After strolling the beach side for twenty minutes I embraced the salty water lapping at my toes. Emerging ankle to knee to waist and then the full plunge! Relief from the building heat of the day. With a lung full of air I swam after small yellow fish scurrying the white sand floor of this tropical retreat. Completing my swim I applied spf 30 to keep the blistering sun from scalding my white Canadian flesh, a lesson hard learned from past exposure.
With 40 baht worth of fuel in the scooter I rode South to Bang Boa and up a jungle road. Not so much of a road as a crumbling asphalt pathway. Passing tree huts and skittering animals I reached the end of the road. It disappeared into a cavern requiring some backtracking. Stopping at a stretch of beach to meet with some new friends that we are arranging to snorkel with tomorrow I ran out of time before meeting them and had to return the rental, but not before stopping for an Iced Mocha made with sweetened condensed milk, cocoa and espresso a very delicious treat!
It is just past noon and more of the day awaits. Robyn and David have already ventured off and I soon will look for another satisfying bite to eat. So much satisfaction in the variety and wealth of dishes this country has to offer. Smiles and tans everywhere with relaxed travelers from the world around. Farewell for now with thoughts and dreams of so many friends.

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  1. Sounds like paradise! I'm glad that you're getting to have a tropical dirt-bike adventure... Maybe one day I'll muster up enough courage and skill to ride one of those things. Enjoy your snorkeling and tell me all about it! Do you think you're going to get to do an scuba diving at all?