Saturday, January 15, 2011

Koh Chang Island, Thailand

Well, we've found tropical paradise.  For less than $10 a night we are staying in a beautiful grass-roofed bungalow overlooking a garden.  Down the path are restaurants right on top of the clear aquamarine waters and just a little further is a white sand beach overlooking the endless ocean.  The routine has been to wake up with the sun, do some yoga in the garden, and then head down to the beach for a refreshing swim.  After that, we'll head up to one of the many restaurants for a leisurely breakfast and then explore the island.

Today we're going to check out Bang Bao Bay where Thai fishermen bring in their catch.  I'm looking forward to some fresh seafood for supper and then watching the sun set over the ocean.

This backpacking thing isn't as hard as I thought it might be.


Update, here's some photos of Koh Chang:
Sunset on Koh Chang

Relaxing after a nice lunch

Garden of Bailan View Guesthouse where we stayed

Grilled Squid!!  I ate squid every day on this island.  Cannibal!

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