Sunday, March 20, 2011

Images from the Island

I wanted to post some proof of how idyllic our current setting is so I decided to post some photos.

Permaculturalists never rest.  Everyone is busy reading on our tea break.  This is Hubert's house and our classroom.

Everyone is paying attention except for Robyn who appears to be sleeping.

Hubert's place is an open-air loft on the side of a mountain with a view of the Gulf of Thailand.  Pretty sweet.

Our view.  It's hard to see, but there are islands sticking out of the water in a few directions.
It's been raining every day here monsoon-style.  To prove that we haven't left the winter wasteland for the totally ideal beach life I have to include a picture of what we are biking through every day.

The rain is a good excuse to cuddle up with a coffee and the interweb.

But sometimes the rain can't be avoided and we have limited ways of keeping our clothes dry.  Don't worry.  Robyn and I are more likely to get wet than get naked.  Jevin's a wild animal.
Today was our one and only day off and we spent it scootering up and down the island only to find that we've got the best patch of land around.  This is hippy-central.  Walk in any direction and you'll end up at either a yoga studio or a health-food cafe.

Last night was the full moon which means that the infamous full moon party was in full swing with two beaches full of intoxicated youth using the ocean as their urinal.  Even though the event is one of the most famous monthly goings-on in the country, we opted instead for an enlightened discussion on the Integral Psychology theories proposed by Ken Wilbur.  It was a very good choice and I feel that the path towards enlightenment is beginning to unfold in front of me.  Really, I do.

We spent the rest of our day swimming on the beach by our bungalow, narrowly avoiding terrifying interactions with seaweed and tiny crabs.  We had lots of fun splashing around and soaking up the sun.

David J Parker


  1. This all sounds so lovely :) but ofcourse being that I'm Megan I must say something out of worry, right? Please keep track of the radiation levels!

  2. Not even hippies look good in capri's/pedal-pushers/clam-diggers/flood pants/knickerbockers....

    Too bad.

    This spot does seem to be pretty utopic however, so please do remember to come home.