Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last day of Templing

It's our last day in Siem Reap, home of the amazing Angkor temples and, believe it or not, we still enjoy looking at temples.  I don't imagine that any of the other religious structures we'll see in the next two months will be very exciting after trekking through the jungle over top of ancient ruins. 

Today has been similar to the last two days: get up, eat, hop in a tuk-tuk, and tour the sites.  The difference has been that we have spent less time looking at the structures, and more time on top of them looking out at the beautiful stretches of forest, rice fields, and wetlands. 

For the first time in weeks we've felt rain and, unlike in North Vietnam, is was a welcome relief from the heat.  The soft sprinkling really added to the atmosphere as we walked down long wide paths between sites.  The air was thick and full of ever-changing smells, all good ones too (In the big cities we're always afraid to breathe deep.  Even if something smells great, the next whiff could be so terrible).

Tomorrow we're off to Battambang which I know basically nothing about except that it is surrounded in more landmines than anywhere else in Cambodia.  Don't worry moms and Megans, we'll won't stray from the path.

David J Parker

Cute couple

Carvings above a doorway.  Every inch of every temple is covered in bas reliefs like this.
A nice place for reflections

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